whalehocrowdThanks to all who braved the 17 degree weather to join us at Cafe Le Perche for WHALE HO! last Thursday. It was a standing room only crowd! The grog was a nice bit of liquid warmth and the talk, led by whaling expert Carlo DeVito, was informative and lively. Although most of the conversation was based on the book The Wreck of the Whaleship Essex, DeVito included additional information specifically about Hudson – since it was such a whaling center in the mid-eighteen hundreds.

Book sales were brisk, but if you missed getting a copy, Kelley Drahushuk, owner of Spotty Dog Books and Ale, just sent us this e-mail:

If anyone wants a copy of this beautiful book, stop by the Spotty Dog in the next week or so – I have signed copies and am happy to support the library with your purchase. I had a great time. And the grog was indeed delicious.

Thanks to Cafe Le Perche for providing us with this warm and comfortable venue and for the delicious food. Thanks to the volunteers and, of course, all of you supporters!



An evening of all things whaling with Historian & Editorial Director Carlo DeVito

Whaling 3Date: January 21 at 6pm
Location: Café Le Perche, 230 Warren Street, Hudson

This event is a fundraiser for the library.

On the morning of November 20, 1820, the Essex was more than 1,500 miles from the nearest land when she was struck by an enraged bull whale. The crew fled the wreck in small, frail, open boats. They spent the next 90 days without charts, sun baked, starving and dehydrated. Of the 30 who left the ship, only 8 survived. It is this horrific story that inspired Herman Melville to write Moby Dick.

Whale book coverJoin us Thursday, January 21 at Café Le Perche for WHALE HO!, an evening with Carlo DeVito, historian and editorial director of the book Wreck of the Whale Ship Essex. The event consists of two parts.

6pm – Illustrated lecture recounting tales of the Essex, the workings of a whaling ship and how Melville came to learn of the disaster. Tickets to the lecture, sold at the door, are $25 each and include a glass of grog – a typical libation for shipmates of the day.

8pm – Whaling inspired dinner, specially prepared by Café Le Perche. The meal is price fixed at $50 per person and advance reservations are required. Twenty per cent of the proceeds will be donated to the Library. Call the restaurant at 518.822.1850.

Kelley Drahushuk of Spotty Dog Books & Ale will be on hand to sell books during the evening and DeVito will sign copies.

WHALE HO! Is an opportunity to learn more about the harrowing life of a nineteenth century sailor through the stories recounted by the author, first mate Owen Chase. His is a gripping narrative that has special significance given the city of Hudson’s involvement in the whaling economy.

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