Donate to the Annual Fund

We are in our wonderful new building thanks to you! The Hudson Area Library is a showcase of the best in 21st century libraries. It’s a pleasure to share all the latest improvements with our members and visitors to this community. But, we still need your help with daily expenses – staffing, collections, programs, and other general operating costs. With your donation, we can continue to expand and develop our library resources, services and programming in 2018.

By Credit/Debit Card

Make a donation by credit card online via PayPal.

By Check

Make a donation by check and give it to a library staff person or send it by mail to us at 51 N. 5th ST, Hudson, NY. Make the check out to “Hudson Area Library”.

Be among those who recognize the great value of the Hudson Area Library for this generation and those yet to come. Please give generously.

Thank you. Your support is deeply appreciated.