Join a Discussion of Library Relocation

Talk with Library Trustees Tuesday 5/17/11 from 5 to 7 pm

As many of you know from recent actions of the Board of Trustees and reports in the local press, The Register-Star, May 11, 2011, “Library Board: We Must Move”, the Board is actively working on finding a new home for the library. We invite patrons and others interested in the library to meet with members of the Board at the library to talk about the thinking behind this decision and how the Board is planning for the future of the library. We are interested in your views as we move forward.


2 thoughts on “Join a Discussion of Library Relocation”

  1. I have two suggestions. One is to relocate at the old Meeker building near river edge. The other is to build a new library, with additional space going to a conference center, offices and parking garage just one hundred yards south at Columbia Street and Fourth Street.

    1. Theresa parsons

      Thanks for the positive feedback, Chad. I hope that as we move ahead with our work of defining the criteria for relocation and have a stronger grip on what can and cannot be done, you’ll stay tuned and in dialog with us. Theresa Parsons

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