Eat for Books Wednesday June 22nd at Mexican Radio

Eat for Books Mexican RadioGo to Mexican Radio, 537 Warren St. Hudson, Wednesday June 22nd for lunch or dinner, or maybe both, and 25% of your tab will go towards programs of the Hudson Area Library.

Most people think libraries are completely funded through public taxation. It may be true for some lucky libraries, but it is NOT the case of our Hudson Area Association Library. While taxes now cover more of our expenses (Thank You, Hudson voters!), the Library must still raise a substantial amount of the budget through grants, fund raisers or donations to cover the shortfall.

So when opportunities like Coma Para Los Libros/Eat for Books pop up, we swallow them whole! Here’s how it works: treat yourself to lunch or dinner (or both!), at Mexican Radio on Wednesday, June 22nd, and 25% of your tab will be donated to the Library’s operating fund! It’s that simple.

Partially due to a stumbling economy and in part due to the Library’s continuing commitment to meeting community needs, more and more people are utilizing our free access to information and programs. Books and videos fly out the door. Requests for computer time, job search assistance, and reference materials are at an all time high. And when school’s out for summer, the demand for youth programs intensifies. For sure, when the library benefits, the community benefits and the world spins round in a better way for us all… and that, amigos, is the whole enchilada!

See you on June 22nd and thank you for your support!