FAQ about Library Relocation

Recent news articles appearing in the local press and blogs have reported on the Library’s contemplated move away from 400 State Street. In order to keep you informed about the process, we have prepared the following list of Frequently Asked Questions and invite you to use the comment section at the end if you have additional questions.

As events occur, we’ll provide updates, so please check the “About Us” tab on this website.

Theresa Parsons, President, Board of Trustees

1. Why is the Library leaving 400 State St.?

We can’t afford to stay.  It’s that simple.  There is just too much work that needs to be done to bring the building up to acceptable safety, environmental and accessibility  standards.  The burden of keeping up with the extraordinary needs of 400 State Street restricts the library’s ability to fulfill its mission to the communities of Hudson and Greenport.

2.  Hasn’t the Library been at 400 State St. for over 50 Years?

Yes it has. But for most of those years, the Library was not responsible for maintenance of the building.  Until 2005, the Library was a tenant of the School District and had no responsibility for the building, financial or otherwise.

3.   Why leave now? Didn’t residents just vote to increase funding?

Yes, In November 2009, by a margin of 3 to 1, the residents of Hudson voted to increase annual funding for the Library to $120,000.  It was understood that these tax dollars would be used for operating expenses and not for restoration of the building.  The vote in Greenport failed by six votes.  If it had passed it would have provided for an annual  contribution of $16,500 instead of the $5,500 currently received.

4.   What happens now? What is the relocation process?

The Board seeks relocation to leased premises as an interim step towards a long term permanent home for the library.  We are working to define the basic physical requirements for a new space. We are working on a pro forma financial projection to indicate cost limits for relocation. We are actively seeking new location options in Hudson.  Finally, we are seeking to sell 400 State Street at market value and to an owner capable of being a good steward of this very valuable piece of Hudson’s history and identity.

5.  What is the Board seeking from the sale of 400 State Street?

We expect that the minimum sale price would be $450,000.  The buyer should be capable of maintaining this historic asset and understand the financing required to stabilize and restore the building. More about this at the announcement of the offer of 400 State St. for sale.

6.  How long until the Library is in its new location?

We don’t have a timetable yet. It is the intent of the Board to move expeditiously within the requirement that we act transparently and thoughtfully at every step. As the process unfolds, we expect to be able to give a better estimate.

7.  What are the plans for a permanent home for the Library?

The Board sees the current relocation as an interim solution.  Long term, the Board will seek to build a new library in a prominent location in Hudson.  During the time the Library resides in its temporary location, the Board will invite the community to give its input regarding the programs and premises for the future permanent home for the Hudson Area Library.