Hudson Is a Summer Festival for Children and Young Adults

Hudson offers a wide array of programs, projects, activities, and just plain entertainment for children, young adults, parents, grandparents and everyone else. To uncover all of these offerings turn to the publication created by Mary Udell and Ohrine Stewart, “Hudson is a Summer Festival for children, students, parents, teachers,grandparents, friends, and neighbors” You can find copies of this blue covered publication at the library and elsewhere. Download the 20 page document in PDF form here (4.6 MB file size) or continue reading to scroll through the pages here. Booklet-SummerFestival-page 1Booklet-SummerFestival-page 2Booklet-SummerFestival-page 3Booklet-SummerFestival-page 5

Booklet-SummerFestival-page 6
Booklet-SummerFestival-page 7Booklet-SummerFestival-page 4

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