Open Book, an Open Photographic Exhibition on View Through October

“Open Book” by Daniel Region, archival inkjet print, 12’x9’

“Open Book, an Open Photographic Exhibition”, presented by the Friends of the Hudson Area Library and the Columbia County Photo Club, is ongoing at the Hudson Area Library. Sixteen members of the Columbia County Photo Club are participating in this exhibit, which continues through October 27, 2012. All photographs are for individual purchase at the Library and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Friends of the Hudson Area Library.

Among the exhibited photographs are landscapes, flora, book studies and other still lifes by: Paul Abitabile, Bridget Arnold, C.C.Bailey, Ken Bovat, Ralph Gargone, J. Pierre Gontier, Deirdre Haber Malfatto, Thomas Holleufer, Joan Lezette-Miller, Peter Marotta, Marie (Beth) Meehan, Daniel Region, Vel Riberto, Doug Stalker, Sarah Sterling and Patricia Williams. The photographs are located in the computer room on the first floor of the library and along the hallway of the second floor of the library. All are welcome to stop by and take a look!

The Columbia County Photo Club was established in 2010 by Paul Abitabile. Club members are unified by a shared passion for the medium of photography. Meetings include sharing photographs, resources and technical knowledge. The meeting topic photos, meeting attendance, club exhibitions and club outings are all voluntary. The club meets at the Hudson Area Library from 6-8pm on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. Every level of experience is welcome. Anyone interested in joining can email Paul at and walk-ins are always welcome.

The Friends of the Hudson Area Library is a non-profit organization and proceeds from its fundraising go to the library for the acquisition of books and other media and for the development and delivery of the Library’s services to the community. To find out more about the Friends or to volunteer, please call 518.828.1792 or click here.