Update on New Library in the Armory

Community Meeting Room

New Hudson Area Library at the Armory, Hudson NY 2014The original plans for our space in the Armory focused on the 10,000 sq. ft. Drill Shed. This is the vast hall that was most recently filled with an antiques bazaar, earlier scene of basketball, wrestling, proms, and many other events, not to mention its original use as a place for the National Guard to drill.

As the planning for the new library progressed, it became clear that we needed additional space for the meeting room that our vision (and the focus groups and library design consultant’s report) called for.

Discussions ensued with our partner, The Galvan Foundation, and we came to the conclusion that we should create a Community Meeting Space in the 1,200 sq. ft. Officer’s Lounge room (on the right hand side of the building, viewing the Armory from 5th St.).  Some of you may have attended music events there within the past six months. 

Though the Community Meeting Room will be predominantly used for library programs it is planned that others in the community will have access and that it will be available during hours when the library is closed.

With the addition of this large room, sufficient to seat 80+, we have taken a big step forward. And we want to thank The Galvan Foundation for their continued support and active engagement in achieving our goal of building a 21st century library for our community.