Your Smart Phone Friendly Library

Hudson Area Library website home page on an IPhoneLibrary Website Upgrades for Mobile Devices

If you have a smart phone, Android, iPhone or Blackberry, you will find the library website more useful than ever. Pictures and text are perfectly sized to be viewed and read on your phone. Two menus, “Menu” and “New & News” allow you to navigate easily to any of the pages or posts on the site.

Is The Library Open? How Do I get to My Library Account?

We’ve added a special page for mobile site visitors – Location & Hours – it is the first item in the main Menu.

check-your-library-accountAnd, if you are used to clicking on the “Check Your Library Account” button (left) on the desktop website, there is a link, My Library Account, in the main Menu for this just below Locations & Hours.

Get This Web App Icon for your Phone!

Apple-touch-iconYou can save the new site as a Web App on your smart phone. Instructions should pop up when you first go to the site. When you do this you will add this blue and yellow icon (left) to your phone’s screen. It will be very easy to find.

Let us know how all of this works (or doesn’t work) on your device here.