Columbia County HomeAccess: “Unlimited Access to More Than Just the Internet”


A library card is the most valuable tool in your wallet. With a library card, you can learn a new language, research your family tree, find a new career, and even fix your car! Not to mention you will have nearly unlimited access to entertainment in the form of books, audiobooks, ebooks, DVDs, CDs and more. You will find the resources you need to do all of these things through the new and improved HomeAccess, a database geared towards Columbia County patrons like you. The site has been recently updated to include new features such as:

  • New instructional video content
  • Automatic mobile users detection: Smart phone users will now be brought to a page with mobile apps.
  • Brand new look: Find subject matter quick and easy!

Don’t have a library card? All you need to bring to the library in order to sign up for one is a valid photo ID and proof of address (such as a piece of mail that has been recently mailed to your current address).