Need Money For School? Financial Aid Is Just A Click Away!

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It’s never too late to apply for college! If you thought a higher education was out of your reach, think again. There are plenty of websites out there catered to helping you apply for aid of all kinds, from scholarships to grants to loans. Here are just a few of the online sources available to the public:

HESC: New York State Higher Education Services Corporation
This site is great for people who are just looking for information on how to start applying for financial aid. It lists information on how to start FAFSA, apply for TAP, and how to apply for state grants, scholarships, and awards.

The Official New York State Financial Aid Site
Chock full of tips and tools for applying for aid, this site is great for New Yorkers because it allows you to search for local financial aid events in your area.

You can’t go wrong with this site! It’s full of tips and hints that will help you improve the application process.

Federal Student Aid
From preparing for college to managing your loans, Federal Student Aid has got you covered. It even has some important information on how to avoid financial aid scams!