The Public Library: a photo essay by Robert Dawson

New in the Library: The Public Library, a photographic essay by Robert Dawson

This newly published book contains over a hundred photographs of libraries around the US – tiny one room affairs to enormous buildings –  architecture ranging from wood frame to Beaux Art extravaganzas to sleek contemporary palaces. There are wonderful images of grand reading rooms and intimate ones of nooks and crannies.

The Public Library: a photo essay by Robert Dawson
[The Public Library: a photographic essay | Robert Dawson; foreword by Bill Moyers; afterword by Ann Patchett. First edition 2014 Princeton Architectural Press. Catalog Number: 027.7097DAW]

Punctuating the visual are essays by Bill Moyer, Isaac Asimov, Barbara Kingsolver, Dr. Seuss, Amy Tan and many more – writing from as wide a range of perpectives as the photographs.

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