Eat Ice Cream and Support the Library

lick hudson
LICK, on Warren Street in Hudson, has teamed up with the musician owners of Hudson’s new fragrance store, 2 Note Botanical Perfumery (co-incidentally located next door to LICK) to help raise money for the new Library.

On Tuesday evenings during the month of August, Carolyn Mix and Darcy Doniger will be playing Celtic, Contemporary, Folk and Fusion outside the ice cream store beginning at around 7pm. The duo, a cellist and fiddle player, have also made arrangements to keep the door of their fragrance store open for those who have yet to stop by.

A portion of the proceeds of all ice cream sales made between 7pm and 10pm on Tuesdays will be donated to the Campaign for the New Hudson Area Library.

So please, at least for the month, EAT MORE ICE CREAM! Learn more about the campaign on the campaign website.

2 thoughts on “Eat Ice Cream and Support the Library”

  1. Looks like rain tonight. But ice cream is good in any weather especially when accompanied by music

  2. Thanks to our friends at LICK! Now if only you could arrange to NOT have it rain on Tuesday nights. Can’t do? Well, we’ll just have to double dip our way through the remaining nights. See you soon!

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