Free Computer Classes at the Hudson Area Library

computer classThe Friends of the Hudson Area Library announce a new series of free computer classes for adults starting later this month.

Beginning Saturday, October 25th, three classes will be held at the Library from 10-11:30am on Saturdays in the Computer Room on the main floor. The classes include an introduction to computer basics (October 25th), instruction for Internet and email communications (November 1st), and an introduction to Microsoft Word (November 15th). Class size is limited, and seating will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Attendees may register now at the Library or by phone at 518.828.1792.

The first class, Computer Basics for Beginners, will cover computer vocabulary (desktop, icons, web browser, monitor, CPU, etc), using the mouse, understanding windows (opening, closing, minimizing, navigating), and a very brief introduction to the Internet (opening a browser, entering a website, etc). All English As a Second Language students are welcome.

The second class in the series, Internet Basics, will focus on searching the Internet using Google (web, images, and news), following a link, adding favorites, domain extensions and printing from the Internet. This class will also include creating a free email account, sending and replying to an email, printing and creating a contact/address list. The class will also include directions on how to open and send an attachment in an email account.

The third class will focus on Word Processing Basics and will include how to create, save and locate a document, formatting (applying fonts, sizes, bold copy, etc), checking spelling and grammar, and printing a document.

For more information about the Friends, including membership and volunteer opportunities, contact the library at 518.828.1792 or visit us on Facebook at Friends of the Hudson Area Library and Like us.