National Friends of Libraries Week: Oct. 18-24

Friends New Logo 2015
The Friends of the Hudson Area Library is proud to announce the launch of their new logo in tandem with the 16th Annual National Friends of Libraries week, October 18-24, 2015.

As the Hudson Area Library prepares to move into the new location, the Friends are conducting their annual membership appeal during the month of October in order to continue their service and support of the library and community. The campaign, “Let’s Be Friends” invites all members of the community to join and get involved. Membership and donations to the Friends of the Hudson Area Library will help us continue to provide books and supplies in addition to programming and events to enhance library services for Hudson and our greater community.

Membership rates are $15. Visit the Friends here:
to find out more and join today!

Top ten reasons to Join the Friends:
10. Get involved! See your innovative ideas go to work for your community at the
9. Engage with fellow book lovers! Volunteer in the Book Sale Room and discover old favorites and treasures in our huge selection of titles.
8. The Friends’ programming and events are varied—you can commit your time to the ones that you’re interested in.
7. Like Event Planning? You can help us develop new ideas and make community outreach happen!
6. Consider yourself a Technology Junkie? You could help us reach more members of our community in the dynamic world of social media!
5. Marketing Guru? You could put your writing skills good use and help us with public relations and marketing materials!
4. Student looking for those valuable community service hours? Get credit and experience with the library!
3. Want to share your knowledge? Break out your inner teacher and share your expertise at the library! Varied subjects, hard skills for all levels, or even children’s projects can all be added to the program!
2. Attend a meeting and see what’s happening in our community! Our monthly meetings are where it all happens!
1. Make new friends! There’s a reason why we call ourselves the Friends of the Hudson Area Library. We’re not just passionate about books and reading—we want our community to benefit from everything the library has to offer!