Civil Rights in the 60s – Participate in our “Show and Tell”


The 1960s was a tumultuous era of marches, sit-ins, freedom rides, boycotts and rallies. Many of those who participated may have been living in our community, or later migrated here. Were YOU involved?

The Hudson Area Library is hosting a discussion for those who took part, or have first-hand knowledge of these events. We want to be a forum for those in our community to share information. Please bring photos, clippings and mementos of your involvement in the movement to the library on Thursday, February 4 at 6pm. You will be able to take them home afterwards! Please call to let us know you’re coming. 518.828.1792. We want to make sure we have enough chairs!

We are eager to hear your stories! Please join us for this word-of-mouth telling of a momentous time in American history.

We are convening this group in connection with a performance and residency inspired by Turning 15 on the Road to Freedom, a memoir of Lynda Blackmon Lowery’s experiences. In 1965, she was the youngest person to complete the historic march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. A play, based upon the book, directed by Ally Sheedy and starring senior acting student, Damaras Obi (NYC), will be performed at MC Smith Intermediate School on February 13 at 3pm. Mrs. Lowery and Ms. Sheedy will be there to speak with the audience. To learn more about the performance, please click here.

*At the end of the event, we viewed a photo essay presentation from Jim Peppler. For those who were not able to stay until the end or who would otherwise like to view the presentation, here is a link: