Chromebooks in the Library

library users use the library's Chromebooks on opening day
Library users got right to work testing out the library’s new Chromebooks on opening day.

You may have noticed our new collection of laptops in the children’s section of the new library. These are Chromebooks. They work like a regular laptop, but only run Google’s Chrome browser. While this may seem limiting, you can actually do a lot with them. You can stream video, work on documents and spreadsheets, play music, go on social media, and much more!

Many schools, such as the Montgomery C. Smith Intermediate School, use Chromebooks in their classrooms. Students can sign in on our Chromebooks with their school account and work on their homework with the same user experience as they have at school. Don’t have a Google account? You can still use the Chromebooks with Guest access.

While we acquired these Chromebooks with these younger patrons in mind, everyone is welcome to use them. Please sign in using the paper sign-in forms on the computer tables so we can track how often they are used. Since the Chromebooks are stationed in the children’s area, please make sure that your use of the Chromebooks is kid-friendly. Chromebook users are still subject to our Internet Access Policy.