Summer 2016 Teen Videomaking Workshops

1935225_10153475535707686_3309072744040545315_nJoin us this summer for a series of videomaking workshops with our friends at Spark Media Project. Learn video production skills while working as a team to create original, short videos.

These workshops are designed for youth ages 12 and up. Each workshop is held on a Saturday afternoon from 12pm-4pm. Sign up for one or more today!

Space is limited and registration is required. To register for one or more of these workshops, please contact Spark Media Project at 845-485-4480 or register online at

Art of Music Videos
Saturday, July 23
In this workshop, students will create their own music video for a song of their choice! Students will also critique their favorite music videos to help them identify criteria for what makes an interesting and visually appealing music video. They will have all the resources needed to be able to incorporate animations, special effects, and narrative storylines to make their music videos unique to them.

Experimental Film
Saturday, July 30
In this offering, students get an introduction to the genre of experimental film. Students will learn about shots and angles and the process of filmmaking from all the way from scripting to editing. They will get to experiment with sound, color, time and shot composition to push the boundaries of typical filmmaking and their imaginations, and end up with their own unique short films.

Poetry in Motion
Saturday, August 13
In this offering students will get a chance to discuss poetry and the imagery it invokes! Students will get to pick and interpret their own poems or choose from among their favorites. They will film imagery they make and use voiceovers to bring their poetry to life or using Kinetic Typography in Adobe After-Effects they will be able to give a visual meaning to poems by digitally animating words. By the end of the class they will have their own animated version of a poem!

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Filmmaking
Saturday, August 27
In this workshop students have a chance to create a world with out of this world elements. Students will learn the basics of the sci-fi fantasy genre and filmmaking. Working in groups the students will script, storyboard and film their own original sci-fi/fantasy narrative short films. Special focus will be given to special effects (e.g. telekinesis, super speed, and teleportation). Possible project topics include ghost movies, superhero movies, or movies about magic!

These workshops are made possible with public funds from the Decentralization Program of the NYS Council on the Arts, administered in Columbia County by the Greene County Council on the Arts through the Community Arts Grants Fund.