Bags 4 My Cause Supports Hudson Area Library


In recent years, the public has become much more aware of the amount of waste generated per capita. As a result, there has been a major shift among shoppers from relying on disposable plastic bags and instead, bringing reusable bags with them when they head to the market to shop.

As part of a program at the local Hannaford store, the Hudson Area Library has been chosen as a recipient in its “Bags 4 My Cause” program. During the month of August, customers who purchase specially marked recyclable/reusable bags will help generate a $1.00 donation to the Library. The donation is for designated blue bags purchased at the Hannaford Supermarket, at 32 Route 82 in Hudson.

This program has been designed to support local nonprofits, and the Hudson Area Library has been fortunate enough to be chosen for the second year in a row as a beneficiary. Choose the Blue Bag with the Good Karma message. It’s an easy way to benefit the Library and benefit the planet.