MAKING MUSICALS: A Concert with Conversation

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Columbus Day Weekend
Sunday, October 9 at 6pm at the Library
Tickets are $35.00 each


Composer Neil Bartram and writer Brian Hill joined “scribbles” with the co-stars of their Drama Desk nominated Broadway musical, The Story of My Life.

An idea can come out of the blue – from a line in a book, a comment from a child or a newspaper article. “As long as there is some tug emotionally,” says Broadway show writer Brian Hill, “the kernel of the idea stays with me.” And then, after consulting with his partner, Neil Bartram (coincidentally, a composer and lyricist), Hill starts outlining a story.

“Amazingly,” he says, “often when we’ve completely fleshed out a show, have the performers cast, the costumes, the set, – after everything is done, I’ll go back to that outline and find we’ve used it almost exactly as originally written. There has been very little fiddling with the concept.”

But that doesn’t mean there weren’t hundreds of edits to dialogue. And hundreds of re-workings of songs – composed by Bartram, of course.

And that’s what will drive our show, Making Musicals – A Concert with Conversation.

The two will sing songs from their shows, share video clips and a bit of backstage insight into all that goes into a Broadway show – and lots of what DOESN’T make it.

The Hudson Area Library presents:

Making Musicals – A Concert with Conversation

Columbus Day Weekend
Sunday, October 9th at 6pm at the Library

Tickets are $35.00 each

And join us for a Private Dinner with the Performers at the Conclusion of the Show

We’ve selected a beautiful landmark Hudson home for an exclusive post-show dinner. SEATING IS LIMITED. Tickets are required and must be purchased in advance. BUY TICKETS HERE.front-door

Please consider bringing your friends to this elegant location for an opportunity to mix and mingle with Neil and Brian.

See these professional Broadway show makers!


It’s a benefit for The Hudson Area Library.