GG5K Profile – Brady Eschberger – 7-year-old runner

Meet Brady, our GG5K Profile of the Day! Although Brady has only been running since he was 5, he has amassed “lots” of medals – including two from earlier Ghostly Gallops. Samantha Riegel, his marathon running Mom, better improve her times. This kid is Olympic material! Learn more about Brady below!

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What made you start running? My Mom asked me if I wanted to run my first race.  It was the Ghostly Gallop – two years ago.  I never ran in a race before and I wanted to see what it was like. For me, the best part was that I tried my best.

When/where do you run?  I run every day after school – 5 days a week.

When you compete, what distance do you generally prefer? I like the 800 meter.  I’m on the track team at school and that’s my race.  We’ve probably had 10 meets this year.  My time is 3:32.  I’m trying to get to 3:05.

What has been your longest competition? That was the Ghostly Gallop.  It was a little hard, but I just ran.  I had happy stuff on my mind and kept running and running and running.

Are there any books, stories/films that help keep you motivated? I like watching the Junior Olympics.  My goal is to complete in the Junior Olympic 800.

What do you like most about running? That you just have to keep trying and get better and better and better each time you try.

What do you like about the GG5K? It was my first race.  I was excited about it.  My first year, I finished in 12 minutes for the mile run.