Our First Sunday Ends with a Celebratory Bassoon Concert in the Drill Shed!

NorthWinds, a trio of bassoonists, will perform and also discuss the bassoon as instrument on Sunday, February 11, 4pm in the main library (the former drill shed of the Armory building). This bassoon ensemble, comprised of John Douglas Ferrigno, Cornelia McGiver, and Nora Post, brings out the jaunty, the moody, the serene, and the serious natures of the instrument in an accessible manner for the audience. This special concert concludes our first open Sunday, the beginning of our expanded seven-day a week schedule!

NorthWinds was formed in 2017 with the idea that all music is created equal – except in a bassoon ensemble, which is more equal than others. The three bassoonists have found a cheerful and spirited platform for this unsung wind pipe. The ensemble is especially well suited to intimate settings in which the audience and performers have a moment to exchange thoughts as well as to listen to this lesser known instrument. This is exactly what will happen at this free musical event!