And Now For Our Feature Presentation….

A few weeks ago we had the wonderful opportunity to host a winter installment of our popular tween summer program, Hack The Library. Entering in its third year, Hack is a series of labs centered around digital creation in video, photography and music. Enabling kids with the open source, free and affordable tools to create digital work.

Winter Hack took place on Thursday, February 22 and Friday, February 23 during winter recess and  focused specifically on video production. The lab was taught by long time HACK teaching artist film-maker and music video director, Zia Anger.  Throughout the two days participants between the ages of 8-15, learned how to create gifs, edit using imovie, storyboard and film using a camera. The intention behind the program was to allow participants to pinpoint the media they chose to consume and analyze why they like it and what about it they themselves with the long term goal to empower them to continuously create their own work. 

AND Now For Our Feature Presentation…

Stalkers In The Library


Someone is watching you…. Stalkers in the Library is a short film written, directed and edited by Sophie Salisbury starring Kenneth Jackson and Simon Rowe. This short was made during Hudson Area Library’s youth program “Winter Hack”.


chicken, noodles or spaghetti? These are the tough decisions of Three Brothers as they sit and argue the virtues of each dish in Tom’s Restaurant. Three Brothers is a short sitcom created, directed and edited by Will Saulvich, Mohammed Marshed and Yazen Algahim and featuring Simon Rowe.

Re-Edit: The Lego Hobbit in 30 secs...

What if instead of two minutes, you can tell the story of The Hobbit in under 45 sec’s…..Emory Dibben uses footage from the Lego Hobbit to create a new synopsis of the movie.

RE-EDIT of Yu Gi Oh dub by Simon Rowe.

Behind The Scenes Photos