Celebrating the Life of Megan Carr-Wilks at Women’s History Event

Assemblymember Didi Barrett will be hosting a celebration of the life of former NYPD officer and Hudson resident Megan Carr-Wilks on Friday, March 23 at 4pm in the library’s Community Room. The event coincides with the release of the fifth volume of Assemblymember Barrett’s “Women’s History in the Hudson Valley: Ten Stories from Columbia and Dutchess Counties” booklet in celebration of Women’s History Month. Megan Carr-Wilks is one of ten remarkable Hudson Valley women honored in this year’s booklet. The event is open to the public.

Megan’s family and friends will share stories about her life and contributions to our community. Megan was an officer with the NYPD during the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, and later moved to Hudson where she worked as a School Resource Officer with the Hudson City School District. She passed away in 2017 from cancer related to her service as a first-responder during 9/11.

“In a time when strong and courageous women are inspiring a new generation of girls every day, it is important that we both remember and celebrate the stories of women who paved the way,” said Assemblymember Barrett. “Those women, too, showed immense bravery and stood for the audacity of equality. I am very proud that our office has published these volumes each year during Women’s History Month to spotlight the stories of the many women of the Hudson Valley who made a difference.”

The 2018 booklet features activists, scientists and educators who broke down barriers. Among the women included are Anna Buchholz, Town of Poughkeepsie Supervisor; Virginia O’Hanlon Douglas, an educator and young Santa skeptic. It also highlights Josephine Evarts, a local physician, Anna Roosevelt Halsted, journalist and radio host, Dorothy J. Paulin, education advocate, Julia Philip, an activist and preservationist, Edith Roberts, a professor, Dawn Langley Simmons, a civil rights activist and author, and Amy Einstein Spingarn, a philanthropist and civil rights advocate.

Our library, as well as other local libraries will have free copies of the 2018 “Women’s History in the Hudson Valley: Ten Stories from Columbia and Dutchess Counties” booklet. You can also visit Assemblymember Barrett’s website at nyassembly.gov/Barrett to read more about these women.