Opening Reception for “Gemini Moon” by Congolese artist Ntangou Badila

Program Description: Celebrate the opening of an installation of new works by local artist Ntangou Badila. This show reflects the artist’s inner process with creativity and the continuous flow of new interests with endless ideas and potentials for that creativity. The exhibition is composed of paintings, not in one theme or style, but with multiple series of paintings in which various styles and themes exist happily and cohesively in the same space informing and conversing with one another.

Date/Time: Tuesday, July 10 6-8pm. The show will be on view during library open hours through September 1, 2018. 

QUEENDWOMBMEN is a garden of portrait studies paying homage to women in traditional regalia. STRANGE FRUIT is still lifes of fruit displaced from their original appearance and, thus, representing the way genetic food engineering processes our food with seeming normalcy but out of context through modification. This series uses a visual & science dual meaning. POP CULTURE is a futuristic, fluorescent rendition of indigenous tribes throughout regions of Africa. FEEL is a sense-inspired expression through abstraction focusing on the honesty of feelings in solitude, ecstasy, compassion, rage, and bliss. ALIGNMENT reflects anatomy by abstractly destroying the boundaries on ideal body image.

In speaking of this exhibition of her new work, Ntangou stated, “Instinctively there is always a conversation within of how to represent myself outwardly, especially in a country that limitedly titles our purpose and contributions to it. I’m so grateful for my upbringing which allowed me the freedom to explore my outlets of creation.”

Ntangou Badila is a Congolese artist based in Brooklyn N.Y. Raised in a multifaceted household of self-employed artist parents, and nine siblings, there is always nurturing toward the exploration of creativity. Having recently transitioned from an extensive career in the Pastry Arts, the burgeoning of more artistic freedom has allowed her passions to flourish. In the past four years, she has been featured on Afro Punk and in Snax Magazine Vol 7, has presented her work in numerous collaborative art shows throughout New York City and has shipped her commissions across the U.S. and internationally. Badila has also spoken on artist panels and radio podcasts, and teaches art in several inner city high schools.

This summer exhibition coincides with three days of theater and music at Hudson Hall titled: “The Badila Family: A Celebration of Community and Culture” July 20-22. This celebration includes three free performances of “Spirit of the River” by Diata Diata International Folkloric Theatre co-founded by Pamela Badila, matriarch of the Badila clan, and musical performances with Lady Moon and the Eclipse led by Ngonda Badila and Young Paris (Milandou Badila). For more information visit