Rolling Grocer 19

Rolling Grocer 19 (RG19) is a non-profit, year-round, mobile grocery store that hits the streets of Hudson starting September 19 and will be located in front of the library on Saturdays from 1:30-4pm.

Developed in collaboration with local Hudson residents, RG19 is a community-led response to solve real challenges around food and economic inequality in our county. RG19 will offer a wide range of wholesome products, including fresh produce, dairy, bread, meat, seafood, canned and dry goods, toiletries and other miscellaneous products. Food on the trailer will be made affordable through a fair pricing system: customers will self-select into one of three price levels and pay for products according to their financial ability.

As part of their commitment to increasing health and collective well-being, RG19 will offer free, interactive cooking and food classes for all ages at various sales locations throughout the year. RG19 is a collaboration between Hawthorne Valley Association and Long Table Harvest, and is supported by the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation and other generous donors.

For more information, visit the Rolling Grocer 19 website!