Maria Manhattan & Perfect Ten After School for Women’s History Month

Maria Manhattan with poster of her 1980s art installation “The Box Lunch”

Program Description: Feminism in Art: The Box Lunch & Beyond, an illustrated talk by Maria Manhattan in collaboration with Perfect Ten Hudson. Manhattan discusses her 1980s art exhibition, The Box Lunch, her response to Judy Chicago’s groundbreaking feminist work, The Dinner Party. Perfect Ten girls bring The Box Lunch into the 21st century with their own box lunches, created in workshops with Manhattan.

There will be a few pieces from the original exhibit on display in the library as well as collages or assemblages created by the young women of Perfect Ten Hudson that honor women of their choosing. The Box Lunch and Beyond will be on display through April 30.

Date/Time: Thursday, March 28, 6-7:30pm

In 1979, when The Dinner Party debuted in San Francisco, Maria thought Chicago’s ideas needed to be expanded upon and so she created a parody. The press release at the time stated: “If you’re still hungry after THE DINNER PARTY, try Maria Manhattan’s THE BOX LUNCH, a major art event honoring 39 women of dubious distinction….” The exhibition consisted of assemblages in pink bakery boxes – tributes to women from pop culture including Lucy Ricardo, Betty Crocker, Lot’s Wife, Auntie Mame, and the First Avon Lady. Her point was that we’re all in it together, lest we forget.

A discussion will follow about how women have been seen in art and have utilized art on behalf of feminism, and how art throughout history has been determined by the male gaze.

This event is free and open to all. There will be refreshments following a question and answer period after the talk.