Support the Hudson Area Library Annual Fund!

Thanks to the generous support of people like you, our library is a vibrant community destination where people connect, create, learn and grow.

We need your support to continue to fulfill our mission. Since the move to our new space, library visits have more than doubled and without your generous financial support, many of our programs and services would simply not be possible.

Only 45% of our budget comes from city, county, and state funding, and we count on our community to help fill the gap, starting with this annual appeal. Our annual appeal is one of our biggest fundraisers — so please give generously. Make a donation by credit card or PayPal account.

In April 1960, the Hudson Area Library opened its doors to the public for the first time thanks to the active dedication and generous support of very special people – community members like you. In 2020, we will be celebrating another milestone: 60 years of operation, including four years in our current home in the historic Hudson Armory.

People come to the library for many reasons: to get support applying for a job and navigating online content, to develop their English language skills, to engage with their peers during out-of-school time, to research local history, and to learn with one another through community conversations and library programs. We are proud to serve our community and to provide opportunities for all members of our community to connect with one another and the world.

However, there is much more work to be done! This coming year we will continue to improve our physical space and technologies, further develop our fantastic professional team, and offer even more valuable programs and services that serve the needs and interests of our community.

Photo courtesy of David McIntyre, Hudson Portrait Pop-Up

Whatever your connection to our Library, please support the 2019 Annual Fund today. We need your help so that we can keep the doors open and keep providing the kind of programming and services our community needs and loves.

Your donation, regardless of amount, is greatly appreciated. Your gift will help us fulfill our mission to offer lifelong learning opportunities to everyone in our community.

Thank you for your generous support and for being a valued member of the Hudson Area Library family.

Donate By Credit/Debit Card

Make a donation by credit card or PayPal account.

Donate By Check

Make a donation by check and give it to a library staff person or send it by mail to us at 51 N. 5th Street, Hudson, NY. Make the check out to “Hudson Area Library”.