Recording of An Intro to HudsonUP & the History of UBI

An Introduction to HudsonUP & the History of Universal Basic Income

The library and The Spark of Hudson presented a meeting on the history of Universal Basic Income (UBI) and HudsonUP, a current UBI pilot program based in Hudson, on August 20. In this virtual program, Albert Wenger and Susan Danziger, co-founders of The Spark of Hudson and HudsonUP,  spoke on UBI’s history and the value and details of the UBI pilot program for Hudson. We have recorded the video and embedded it here for your convenience, but you can also click here to view it on our YouTube Channel.

Those interested in learning more about UBI, click here for the video podcast from the series Yang Speaks in which Susan, Albert and Andrew Yang discuss “What Happens When You Give Money Away?”.