NEW: History Room Resources Digitized

As part of our ongoing mission to make History Room resources accessible to the public we have been scanning a selection of editions from our collection of City of Hudson Directories (1851- the present day) and are now placing the first completed pdfs online for researchers and local history enthusiasts alike.

Click here for the link to these directories.

The City of Hudson Directories are useful for genealogical research, building and business history, as well as researching the evolution of industry and business in Hudson. Our volunteer researchers use them all the time to answer research requests. For example, through the listings of professions we find there were shoe manufacturers, stove mounters, farriers, grocers, confectioners, sailors, whalemen, coal dealers, cigar makers, jewelers, spirit rectifiers, and temperance lecturers in Hudson in the late 19th/early 20th century. We can also trace the occupants and usage of a building over literal centuries as well as follow a family as they reside in different buildings and areas of the city. We are so happy to make these invaluable books available to the public.