FDR: The Four Freedoms

image courtesy of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library & Museum

Program description: On January 6, 1941, Franklin Roosevelt shared with the country his vision for a world founded on “four essential freedoms.” This history talk, offered by Jeffrey Urbin of the Roosevelt Presidential Museum and Library, brings into clearer focus the vision he held for all the world.

Date/Time: Monday, March 8, 6pm

Registration: Click here to access the meeting (passcode, if needed is FDR).

Offered in collaboration with the Claverack Free Library, Philmont Public Library, and the Roeliff Jansen Community Library. The second in a series of presentations from the Roosevelt Presidential Museum and Library to be held in 2021.

Interactive discussion topics include: What is the distinction between a freedom of and a freedom from? How was the concept of the Four Freedoms a thread in everything FDR did during his time as President? How are these freedoms threatened and defended in America, and the world, today? If a fifth freedom were to be added, what might it be? The Four Freedoms’ role in the creation of the UN.

Future topics and dates in this series are:

  • Federal One: Saving the Arts, April 5
  • Rural Electrification, May 3