Watch September’s Talk on the Oliver Bronson House Here and on YouTube

Bronson Park Vision

On Thursday, September 23 at library Local History Talk,  Alan Neumann, president of Historic Hudson in the City of Hudson, discussed the Bronson Park Vision plan for a proposed 123 acre public access park on underutilized land owned by the People of the State of New York and what it can mean for our community. You can view the entire talk in the video embedded above, in the Videos section of the History Room page, and on our YouTube Channel,

On the grounds of the Hudson Correctional Facility, inaccessible and hidden from view, is the Dr. Oliver Bronson House and Estate. There is a rich cultural history on the land, from Native American to Dutch to the early Federal Period. In 1838 and 1849, the main house and landscape were given a picturesque transformation by the architect Alexander Jackson Davis for the Bronsons. This chapter is why, in 2003, the National Park Service declared it to be “of exceptional significance in telling the story of the nation.”
Alan Neumann is a preservation architect and studied at the University of Minnesota School of Architecture and Historic Preservation at Columbia University in the City of New York. Since 1992, he has lectured frequently to museum groups from the US and abroad, in both New York City and the Hudson valley, on art, architecture and the landscape.