Hack the Library: Digital Media Leaders! (Tuesdays & Thursdays, July 26 – August 11)

Media has the power to influence how we see the world, and we have the power to influence what gets in the media. Take the power of the media into your own hands, and showcase your unique perspective at the Sankofa Black Arts & Cultural Festival! With this summer’s Hack the Library Digital Media Studio, media maker and educator, Tanya Jackson, will teach you about how media like film/video, television and commercials are made while helping you to use photo, video, and audio techniques to prepare a multimedia exhibition of completely original works. Ages 14 – 18.

Digital Media Studio Days – Tuesdays and Thursdays, July 26 – August 11, 2 – 4pm
Exhibition at the Sankofa Black Arts & Cultural Festival  – Saturday, August 13, Time TBD

Studio days – In person, Hudson Area Library Teen Room
Exhibition – In person, Henry Hudson Waterfront Park

Registration: Space is limited. To register, email programs@hudsonarealibrary.org 518-828-1792 x101

This program is presented in collaboration with Operation Unite and it is supported by the Alexander & Marjorie Hover Foundation.