Washington Irving at Lindenwald (Monday, October 3)

Full Circle: Washington Irving at Lindenwald, October 3, 2022

America’s first literary celebrity, Washington Irving, had a decades-long friendship with our 8th president. Learn how they met, why they had a falling out, and if they ultimately reconciled. This talk is presented by Melissa Dalley, an artist and writer who is currently a seasonal Park Guide at Martin Van Buren National Historic Site. Having given tours at Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site many years ago, Melissa may have started this summer with an unfairly low opinion of Irving – Poe was not a fan. But after reading many of Irving’s letters, she’s coming around.

Date/Time: Monday, October 3, 6 – 7pm

Location: Virtual via Zoom

Registration: To attend this virtual program, click here.

This program is sponsored by the Columbia County Libraries Association.