Masters of Shape: The Lives and Art of American Women Sculptors (Wednesday, September 28)

This inspiring presentation, based on the beautifully illustrated book by Maria Ausherman, chronicles the lives of pioneering women sculptors who dared to express their truths about inequality and injustice and overcame obstacles of gender and race in the last hundred and fifty years.

The works that these talented artists cast, carved, and molded mirror both their internal worlds and the society surrounding them. There is no better way to inspire young women to fulfill their destiny with courage than to give them these brilliantly brief and cogent portraits of great women who shaped the world of sculpting and through that, our culture, and our world.

Date/Time: Wednesday, September 28, 6 – 7:30pm

Location: In person, Hudson Area Library Community Room

Registration: Space is limited. To register, email or call 518-828-1792 x101

Maria Ausherman is the author of Masters of Shape: The Lives and Art of American Women Sculptors, Behind the Camera: American Women Photographers Who Shaped How We See the World, The Photographic Legacy of Frances Benjamin Johnston, and co-author with Patricia Jennings of Georgia O’Keeffe’s Hawaii.
Photo credit: Maria Ausherman