Update to our Temporary Safe Practices Policy

When COVID levels are “low” or “medium,” we do not require visitors to wear masks for general library use. The use of masks in library spaces is still encouraged and appreciated. In instances where distancing is not feasible, we may require visitors to wear masks and will provide them when needed. Library staff and team members will wear a mask when providing service to a library visitor who is masked.

If you require an accommodation to our policy, please contact our library director at info@hudsonarealibrary.org or by phone 518-828-1792 x102.

If the CDC’s COVID-19 Community Levels for Columbia County return to “high” levels, or if the local schools go back to operating under a mask mandate, we will require mask-wearing in library spaces again. We will communicate any changes to masking guidelines on the website and on library signage.

Our updated policy is available here.

As part of our updated policy, the Director or delegated staff may temporarily require mask-wearing in a designated library area and/or for a specified period of time in order to ensure public health or provide access for at-risk people or populations.