“Hoe woest de werelt” [“How Savage the World”]: The Role of Women in Leisler’s Rebellion (Thursday, June 29)

Dr. Voorhees, director of the Jacob Leisler Institute for Early New York History, speaks on the prominent role women played in the 1689-1691 New York uprising against King James II’s government popularly known as the “Leisler Rebellion.” Numerous references to female political activism are found in the records of the rebellion. Indeed, historians note that women played a prominent role in the uprising. This presentation explores women’s involvement in New York politics a generation after the English takeover of New Netherland in both the local and broader Atlantic World contexts.

Date/Time: Thursday, June 29, 6pm

Location: In person, Hudson Area Library Community Room

Registration: No registration required. All are welcome. For more information, email brenda.shufelt@hudsonarealibrary.org or call 518-828-1792 x106

The Jacob Leisler Library Lectures are made partially possible through the generous support of the Van Dyke Family Foundation and Hudson River Bank and Trust.