Celebrating the Hudson-Athens Lighthouse: History, Vision and Light (Thursday, July 11)

Help us celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Hudson-Athens Lighthouse with this illuminating talk and exhibition, with a focus on the preservation of this important local landmark. The National Trust for Historic Preservation has recently designated the Hudson-Athens Lighthouse as one of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places, underscoring the urgency to protect, preserve, and celebrate this glorious structure.

The lighthouse stands as a testament to the rich maritime history of the region and its pivotal role in guiding vessels during the westward expansion era through the Erie Canal. Despite its historical importance, the Hudson-Athens Lighthouse faces imminent threats mostly due to unintended damage caused by enormous commercial vessels using the close-by navigation channel maintained by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The Hudson-Athens Lighthouse Preservation Society invites the public to join the preservation efforts, volunteer, fundraise, and participate in celebratory events such as this one. By working collaboratively, we can ensure that the Hudson-Athens Lighthouse remains a beacon of history, education, and community for generations to come. All are welcome!

Date/Time: Thursday, July 11, 6 – 7pm

Location: In person, Hudson Area Library Community Room

Registration: Registration is appreciated. Email programs@hudsonarealibrary.org or call 518-828-1792 x101.

In a captivating celebration of history and heritage, the library will host a special photo exhibit serving as a visual inspiration for the Hudson-Athens Preservation Society’s (HALPS) vision for the lighthouse’s future. Curated by the talented Jane Sinclair, a resident of Hudson, the exhibit promises a unique perspective through selected photographs by local professional and amateur photographers. The exhibition will be on view during the month of July in the library’s hallway, during library hours.

Photo credit: Jonathan Simons