Thank you for donating to the Fall Nonevent Extravaganza!
We deeply appreciate your generosity.

Why are we holding the Nonevent Extravaganza?

The library depends on individual donations for almost 35% of our budget. Yep, that’s right, we only receive 45% of our budget from state, county and local taxes. In case you are accounting, the other 20% comes from foundation grants.

Thanks to COVID, your library has not been able to host a major fundraising event since 2019. Since we rely on donations and gifts from the public to cover over 1/3 of our budget, these have been two difficult years! And then one of our smartest Board Members suggested a fabulous idea: What if, instead of paying for food and wine and a tent and music and all the details that make a Gala, Gala – we invited our BEST and most LOYAL supporters to attend AN EVENT THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

Your participation at the highest level that you can afford (despite the Nonevent Nonsense) is more important than ever.

What WILL happen as a result of your generosity is that the library will continue to serve people of all ages in Hudson, Greenport and Stockport with books, movies, music, story times, film-making classes, Spanish (and English) lessons, job search help, book clubs, local history lectures, concerts, free museum passes and dozens of other events in collaboration with over 100 local businesses, public agencies, and arts organizations.

And what YOU will receive as a token of thanks for your generosity is:

  • A suitable for framing (or sticking) sticker that says, “I support the Hudson Area Library”
  • A tax deduction for the full amount of your gift
  • AND a 20% discount on tickets to our REAL Gala Event next summer

Thank you for your support!

To donate by mail, please send a check to Hudson Area Library, 51 N. 5th Street, Hudson, NY 12534.

To donate online, click here.