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Posted: May 26, 2022
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Albany-Hudson Electric Trail Exhibition and Talk at the Library (Thursday, May 26)

The Hudson Area Library, in partnership with Columbia Friends of the Electric Trail, presents an exhibit of the interpretative panels along the Electric Trail in Columbia and Rensselaer counties. The exhibition runs through June 30. On Thursday, May 26, 6-7:30pm Matt Kierstead, who provided the documentation and interpretive services for the Electric Trail panels, will discuss the history and conversion of this train line in his talk Trolleys, Trails and Tales: Interpreting the Empire State Trail’s Albany-Hudson Electric Trail. This program is also in person at the Community Room of the library. 

The May 26 illustrated talk presents the corporate, social, and technological history of the “Albany-Hudson Fast Line” electrified high-speed interurban railway in Columbia and Rensselaer counties. It also tells the story of Hudson River Valley Greenway’s conversion of the surviving trolley line right-of-way into the Empire State Trail’s “Albany-Hudson Electric Trail” segment. Finally, Matt discusses the process of developing the trailside interpretive signage that explains the history of the railway, the communities it passed through, and historical features visible from the trail to the trail’s users.  

Columbia Friends of the Electric Trail (CFET) is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization formed in 2018 to support the Albany-Hudson Electric Trail, part of the statewide 750 mile Empire State Trail. CFET has loaned Hudson Area Library the Electric Trail panels for this exhibition and will be displaying these panels at other libraries and public spaces as a means of exposing the public to the fascinating history and beauty of this portion of the Empire State Trail.

In addition to the interpretative panels, this exhibition also features images from Larry Gobrecht’s collection on the Electric Park in Kinderhook. The Electric Park was an attraction on Kinderhook Lake that was along the trolley line that ran from Albany to Hudson from 1901 to 1920. Mr. Gobrecht retired as historian in the Recreation and Historic preservation office of the New York State Office of Parks and currently serves on the board of the Friends of Taconic State Park. The Gobrecht family has generously donated the rights to the digital images of this unique collection for use by the library.

Matt Kierstead is owner/proprietor of Milestone Heritage Consulting, a Hudson Valley business providing documentation and interpretation services for historic engineering, industrial, and transportation resources for clients including government agencies, private developers, and the heritage tourism industry. His focus areas include the history and technology of bridges, mining and quarrying, metallurgy, mineral processing, power generation, canal and rail transportation, and public utilities. Mr. Kierstead has completed over three hundred projects throughout the northeastern United States including historical resource surveys, National Register of Historic Places determinations of eligibility and nominations, Historic American Buildings Survey/Engineering Record (HABS/HAER) and state-level documentations, Superfund site cleanup consultation, and public history interpretation projects.

Columbia Friends of the Electric Trail’s mission is to maintain the Albany-Hudson Electric Trail in Columbia County; promote the Albany-Hudson Electric Trail as a recreational and economic development resource, support historic and heritage education, and foster conservation values; and collaborate with other organizations to develop ancillary trails linking the Albany-Hudson Electric Trail to significant sites and other trails.

Posted: May 24, 2022
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Family Pride Craft: Make a Rainbow Dancing Ring (Wednesday, June 1)

Get ready for Hudson’s 13th annual Pride Parade by making some fun and flashy flair! All ages are invited to get crafty at the library and make a rainbow dancing ring that they can bring with them to dance around at the parade.

Date/Time: Wednesday, June 1, 5pm – 6:30pm

Location: Hudson Area Library Community Room

Registration: Registration is required! To register, email or call 518-828-1792 x101.

This program is presented in collaboration with OutHudson.

Posted: May 15, 2022
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Free One-on-One Job Search Help and Career Development

Program Description: Nationally Certified Career Services Provider, Beth Gordon, will work with you one-on-one to re-fresh your resume or brush up on your interview skills to land that next job.

Date/Time: Beth is available by appointment for one-one-one sessions offered at a safe distance by telephone, Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime.

Registration: Email or call 518-828-1792 x100 to schedule a one-on-one appointment. Residents of the Roeliff Jansen Community Library service area or surrounding area can email or call 518-325-4101.

Studies have shown that having a qualified person work through the process of seeking a job gives an individual a much greater chance of success. Beth Gordon is a Certified Career Services Provider, trained as a career coach through NCDA, the National Career Development Association. Beth provides professional development and advocacy to a diverse group of people who are out of work, looking to re-enter or join the workforce. She inspires and empowers individuals to achieve their career and life goals by consulting on resume writing, job search guidance, interview preparation and work ready assistance. Beth has training to help with, not only resumes and interview skills, but online job applications, and finding the right market for your particular job skills. She has access to job search resources online and in our area and has successfully taken many people through the process of searching for a job.

Posted: May 14, 2022
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Library and Leisler Institute Talk on Indigenous Slavery in Colonial New York and New Jersey (Thursday, June 9)

Join us and the Jacob Leisler Institute for the Study of Early New York History for a talk by Linford Fisher titled The Persistence of Indigenous Enslavement in Dutch and English New York and New Jersey. Indigenous peoples played important roles in the histories of Dutch colonialism and the colonies that later became New York and New Jersey. This public talk delves into one aspect of these histories and interactions, namely, the enslavement (and, at times, transshipment) of local Indigenous populations. Drawing upon colonial records and newspaper ads, Fisher argues that enslaved Indigenous people were present in these places far longer than we might expect and in ways that suggest a more diverse enslaved and unfree labor force than we have previously imagined.

Date/Time: Thursday, June 9, 6-7:30pm

Location: Virtual via Zoom

Registration: For Zoom link, click here

The Jacob Leisler Library Lectures are made partially possible through the generous support of the Van Dyke Family Foundation and Hudson River Bank and Trust.


Linford D. Fisher is an Associate Professor of History at Brown University. He is the author of The Indian Great Awakening: Religion and the Shaping of Native Cultures in Early America (2012) and the co-author of Decoding Roger Williams: The Lost Essay of Rhode Island’s Founding Father (2014). Fisher is the Principal Investigator of a digital project titled Stolen Relations: Recovering Stories of Indigenous Enslavement in the Americas, which is a community-centered, collaborative project that seeks to broaden our understanding of Indigenous experiences of settler colonialism and its legacies through the lens of slavery and servitude. Fisher is the author of more than a dozen articles, book chapters, and essays on a diverse array of topics. He is currently finishing a book-length project, tentatively titled America Enslaved: Native Slavery in the English Caribbean and the United States, on Native American enslavement in English colonies in North America and the Caribbean and, later, in the United States, between Columbus and the American Civil War.

Posted: May 3, 2022
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Youth Craft Fair (Saturday, June 25)

Meet Hudson’s newest entrepreneurs at the Hudson Area Library’s Youth Craft Fair! The talented teens from our “Crafting for Money” program will be selling their original creations, which they’ve been working hard to make over the last six months. Treat yourself to a handmade and unique item, while supporting up-and-coming teen makers in our area. 

Date/Time: Saturday, June 25, 12 – 3pm

Location: In Person, Hudson Area Library Community Room

This project has been supported by a grant from the Fund for Columbia County of the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation.

Posted: May 1, 2022
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Reducing the Waste Stream: The Role of Composting (Thursday, June 23)

Join Zero Waste Columbia (ZWC) for a webinar on how to reduce your household waste and create healthy compost. Zero Waste Columbia is a citizen volunteer group committed to education and action that can move us towards zero waste in Columbia County. We seek to create a more sustainable and resilient world today and for future generations. Zero waste means we aim to send nothing to the landfill. We reduce what we need, reuse as much as possible, minimize what we recycle and compost whenever possible.

Date/Time: Thursday, June 23, 7 – 8pm

Location: Virtual, via Zoom

Registration: Space is limited. Click here for the Zoom link.

This program is presented in collaboration with the Columbia County Libraries Association and Zero Waste Columbia.

Posted: May 1, 2022
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Community Wellness: Free Ear Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine (Saturday, May 21)

Join Rich Maddocks, Hudson-based Community Herbalist and Acupuncture Detox Specialist, for a free drop-in wellness clinic, which will include ear acupuncture, ear seeds, acupressure, and a wide variety of free herbal medicines.

Participants receiving acupuncture treatment immediately experience a deep sense of calm, reduced cravings, relief from stress, emotional trauma and chronic pain. Using the NADA protocol, this treatment involves the gentle placement of up to five small, sterilized disposable needles into specific acupressure points on each ear. The recipients sit quietly in a group setting for 20-45 minutes. To learn more about the history of this practice and all of its benefits for those coping with the stresses of modern life, scroll down below.

Date/Time: Saturday, May 21, 10:30am – 2:30pm

Location: Hudson Area Library Community Room

Registration: No registration required. First come, first served.

This program is presented in collaboration with Spark of Hudson.

The NADA protocol consists of five specific auricular (ear) acupuncture points, that address the physical, mental and emotional symptoms of folks dealing with behavioral health issues; including addictions, mental health, PTSD and disaster & emotional trauma.

The NADA protocol is a 5 point auricular acupuncture treatment radically rooted in the community care and activism of the Black Panthers and Young Lords.

Dr. Mutulu Shakur and the folks at the Lincoln Detox Center led a revolutionary movement in the South Bronx during the 1970s where they developed the NADA protocol. They were looking for ways to serve vulnerable communities in their struggle with opioid use. These treatments turned out to be effective for detoxification, withdrawal, and stress management. Because of this movement, acupuncture will always be known as the peoples’ medicine.

Please watch  the documentary @dopeisdeath ( for a full history of this treatment and the communities it has supported for almost 50 years.

Ear seeds (beads), will also be available for those preferring to avoid needles but still wanting to receive this treatment.

We will also have a huge assortment of herbal medicine available to the community for free. Tinctures, glycerites, oxymels, herbal teas and more.

Benefits of the NADA protocol:

  • Relief from stress and emotional trauma
  • Increased calmness, better sleep, and less agitation
  • Reduced cravings for substances, including nicotine
  • Minimized withdrawal symptoms
  • Decreased cortisol levels
  • Several organ systems are stimulated and detoxified

Truly anybody can benefit from receiving this treatment.

Explanation of the NADA points:

Shen Men:
Shen Men is a Master Point. Master points are always electrically active in comparison to other points on the ear. This point is often needled first in acupuncture, it relaxes the mind and helps the body to become more receptive to treatment. Shen Men is also known as Divine Gate, it is so powerful that it treats almost everything – stress, anxiety, depression, pain, inflammatory diseases, etc.

Sympathetic / Autonomic:
Bringing us out of fight-or-flight mode. Our sympathetic nervous system is designed to jump start our bodies into fight-or-flight mode for survival purposes. When that part of our system is activated, our digestive and organ functions shut down so that we can put all our energy into doing whatever is required to survive an emergency situation.

However, many people often live in a constant sympathetic nervous system state, always on high alert, anxious, fearful, and energetically out of balance. Living this way leads to a multitude of mental, emotional, and physical health issues; insomnia, anxiety and digestive issues are some of the most common. Parasympathetic mode, on the other hand, is where we should be most of the time. This is where our body regenerates and heals. Treating the Sympathetic / Autonomic Point will bring your body back to this state.

In Eastern Medicine, the kidney meridian is associated with fear. This point improves willpower, calms fear, is good for backache, and calms digestion.

In Eastern Medicine, the liver meridian is associated with anger. This point helps to lift depression, support digestion, improve blood circulation, alleviate aches and pains, and help us to better assimilate our experiences in life.

In Eastern Medicine, the Lung meridian is associated with the emotion of sadness. The lung point controls breathing, cleanses the skin, assists in letting go mentally, supports the process of grief and facilitates forgiveness.

Posted: May 1, 2022
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Author Talk on Slavery and Resistance in Dutch New York with Andrea Mosterman (Friday, May 20)

The Hudson Area Library History Room, in collaboration with the Jacob Leisler Institute for the Study of Early New York History, presents Spaces of Enslavement: A History of Slavery and Resistance in Dutch New York , an author talk by Andrea Mosterman. A Q & A will follow book discussion and reading by the author and there will be copies available for purchase and signing.

Date/Time: Friday, May 20, 6-7:30pm
Location: Hudson Area Library Community Room. Masks are required for attendance.
Registration: No registration is required. Seating is limited and available on a first-come basis

Spaces of Enslavement (Cornell University Press, October 2021) explores the history of slavery and resistance in Dutch New York. Through examination of homes, Dutch Reformed churches, and public spaces, the book shows how Dutch American enslavers increasingly used their dominance over these spaces to control the people they enslaved. It also explores how enslaved people resisted such control by escaping or modifying these spaces and expanding their mobility and activities within them. Close analysis of these spaces demonstrates that slavery in New York was not somehow more benign than slavery in the plantation South.

Andrea Mosterman is associate professor in Atlantic History and Joseph Tregle Professor in Early American History at the University of New Orleans. She researches slavery and the slave trade in the Dutch Atlantic world. Her book Spaces of Enslavement: A History of Slavery and Resistance in Dutch New York (Cornell University Press, October 2021) has won the 2020 Hendricks Award for best book-length manuscript relating to New Netherland and the Dutch colonial experience.

The Jacob Leisler Library Lectures are made partially possible through the generous support of the Van Dyke Family Foundation and Hudson River Bank & Trust. 


Posted: May 1, 2022
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May Book Group Meetings (Monday, May 23 and Wednesday, May 25)

Nonfiction Book Group – May Meeting
The Nonfiction Book Group will read and discuss Rin Tin Tin: The Life and the Legend by Susan Orlean for the May meeting.

Date/Time: Monday, May 23, 6pm – 7pm

Location: Virtual via Zoom

Registration: To participate in the group discussion, email for the Zoom link.

For more information about the Nonfiction Book Group, click here.


HAL Book Group: May Meeting
The Hudson Area Library Book Group, which reads a mixture of fiction and nonfiction, will read In An Instant by Suzanne Redfearn for this month’s meeting and discussion. All are welcome.

Date/Time: Wednesday, May 25,  5pm – 6pm

Location: Hudson Area Library History Room

Registration: To join the discussion, email or call 518-828-1792 x101

Posted: March 23, 2022
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Implementing the NYS Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (Monday, May 16)

Join former NY State Senator, Jen Metzger, to learn more about the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act of 2019, how the detailed implementation of this legislation will affect your daily life, and how you can exercise your right to provide public comment on these plans before it’s too late!

Date/Time: Monday, May 16, 6 – 7pm

Location: Virtual via Zoom

To attend, use this Zoom link:

This program is presented in collaboration with the Columbia County Libraries Association and the Columbia County chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

Former NYS State Senator Jen Metzger was an active member of the Senate and working group that created the CLCPA. Senator Metzger, a resident of Rosendale, NY, is currently senior advisor to New Yorkers for Clean Power and policy advisor to Partners for Climate Action Hudson Valley.

Additional input will be provided by Peter Savio, of Schoharie, NY. Through his 19 years as a NYSERDA program manager, Mr. Savio has extensive experience developing clean energy solutions for commercial and institutional entities large and small and has worked closely with the state agencies that will have primary responsibility for implementing the CLCPA.

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Job Search Help

Note: Job Search Help will be offered virtually. Virtual one-on-one meetings will be held by appointment, through Zoom video conferencing. For more information or to sign up, email
Fridays 10am – 1pm, 1st & 3rd Wednesdays 5 – 7pm, and by appointment (see calendar for current dates)
The library has two job coaches available for one-on-one consultations to learn how to write a resume and cover letter, use online job applications and resources, and interview successfully. Heather Martin, Area Coordinator of Literacy Connections is available by appointment. Beth Gordon, NCDA trained Career Development Facilitator is available Friday 10am – 1pm and 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of the month. These Job Search sessions have resulted in patrons polishing resumes, being better prepared for interviews and getting jobs! For more more information call 518-828-1792 x101, email

Columbia County Photography Club

Note: This club is meeting virtually during the pandemic, with some in-person outdoor photo field trips when the weather allows.
Dates: 2nd Tuesdays, 6:00pm-8:00pm
Photographers of all ages and skill levels are welcome to join. Share tips and techniques and support one another in photographic endeavors. For more information, please email or refer to their web site: Note: this club is independently run by its members, not by the library, but we are proud hosts/partners for both their onsite and virtual meetings.

Hudson Area Library General Reading Book Group

Note: This group is once again meeting in person, in the Hudson Area Library’s Community Room. Masks and social distancing are encouraged at all meetings.
This group covers fiction and nonfiction and meets once a month. Sharon Getty, a longtime Friend of the Hudson Area Library is the group’s facilitator. Check our calendar for upcoming dates and book titles. To register for this book group email Meets once per month in the afternoon or early evening. For more information, contact the library at 518-828-1792 x101. All are welcome.

Hudson Area Library Nonfiction Book Group

Note: This group is meeting virtually during the pandemic.
Focused on history and social and political life in North America, books are chosen by participants to explore issues that are topical today.
All are welcome to join with the hope that participants will impact each other through discussion and community. Mark Orton, a member of the library board, is the moderator for discussions. The group meets once a month in the evening. Check our calendar and the link below for upcoming dates and book titles. For more information call 518-828-1792 x101 or email

See the list of books, past and future, and more here.

Local History Speaker Series

Note: Some of these sessions will be offered virtually while others are offered in person, in the Hudson Area Library’s Community Room. Masks and social distancing may be required for all in-person events.
The History Room Committee’s Local History Speaker Series offers monthly talks on diverse topics related to the history of Hudson, Greenport, Stockport, and Columbia County. Check the library calendar or contact us for information on upcoming events.