Temporary Safe Practices Policy

The Hudson Area Library is committed to creating opportunities for all members of our community to connect, create, learn, and grow. Recent years have brought unprecedented challenges. To continue serving our community during the COVID-19 pandemic, while prioritizing the health and safety of our team and patrons, the Board of Trustees has adopted the following Temporary Safety Practices Policy (the “Temporary Policy”). Adherence to these practices will be enforced as a requirement of the Library’s Patron Code of Conduct until such time as the Temporary Policy is revoked.

Staff at the Hudson Area Library have the authority to enforce these measures like any of the Library’s other rules. Concerns about the Temporary Policy should be directed to the director of the Library. Thank you for honoring these measures, which are designed to keep our community safe while allowing maximum access to the Library.

The Library operates under relevant laws, Executive Orders, and recommendations of health and safety authorities. Therefore, the Temporary Policy may be further modified as needed to conform with changing guidelines.

Temporary Safety Measures

If the CDC’s COVID-19 Community Level metrics have Columbia County as “Low” (or equivalent) and there is no mask mandate at the Hudson City School District, our mask-wearing policy will be as follows:

  • Library visitors are encouraged but not required to wear a mask for general library use.
  • Library team members reserve the right to request a visitor be masked when providing direct service without a barrier.
  • Vaccinated library team members are encouraged but not required to wear a mask, except when providing direct service to patrons who are masked.*
  • Unvaccinated team members and unvaccinated program presenters must wear a mask when providing services on behalf of the library and in work areas, when distancing is not feasible.*
  • Masks may be required for programs and room uses at the discretion of the Director or Program Director.
  • The Director or delegated staff may temporarily require mask-wearing for a designated library area and/or for a specified period of time in order to ensure public health or provide access to at-risk people or populations.
  • * vaccinated as defined by the CDC https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/stay-up-to-date.html

If the CDC’s COVID-19 Community Level metrics have Columbia County as “Medium” or higher (or equivalent), or if the Hudson City School District is operating under a mask mandate, we will require mask-wearing as follows:

  • All library team members and visitors to the Library will be required to wear a face mask or face covering. Children under the age of two may, but are not required to, wear a mask or face covering. The mask or face covering must cover the patron’s nose and mouth.
  • Those with medical conditions that prevent the wearing of masks may contact the director of the Library ahead of visiting the Library to request an exception to the Temporary Policy.

In addition, Library staff is empowered to insist that any patron engaging in the following behaviors immediately leave the Library or its grounds.

  • Exhibiting a lack of hygiene that could promote the transmission of COVID-19. For example, but not limited to, failing to shield a cough or sneezing.
  • Refusing to maintain a safe distance of six feet from other patrons who are not members of their living unit or from Library staff members.
  • Harassment of library team members or visitors with respect to their choices regarding mask-wearing or other COVID-19 protocols.

Americans with Disabilities Act Considerations

In the event any safety requirement is not practicable on the basis of a disability, please contact the director to explore a reasonable accommodation.


To aid the community in honoring these requirements of the Temporary Policy, the Library will communicate it on the Library’s web page, via social media, and on printed signage posted throughout the Library.

Update approved March 7, 2022 and went into effect on March 17, 2022.