Armory Capital Campaign

Armory Project Hudson Area Library - night viewThe Capital Campaign supports construction of a new library at the Armory (Fifth St. and State St. – just one block from the current site) in a joint project with the Galvan Foundation.

re-imagining…the library as a community center. The new library will be a hub in which people from all walks of life and across generations meet in a comfortable space and use the latest technology to connect with each other and the world. In addition, the new, 1,200 sq. ft. Community Room will offer the Library, and other community organizations, increased opportunities for new and expanded programs and partnerships.

re-inventing…our programs and services to fit a larger, more professional, more flexible and more beautiful space, inside and out. Like libraries across the country, over the past several years we have witnessed increased usage of our library.

re-purposing… a 19th century armory as a 21st century library. Just a few blocks up State Street, the Hudson Armory, one of the most significant buildings in Columbia County, will be re-born as the new Hudson Area Library, turning a large, under-used, historic building into a valuable community asset. This fully accessible building will double the size of our current space.

re-creating… a magnificent new library that is within our reach. One day soon, we will enjoy a transformed library that will provide lifelong learning opportunities for all who enter our doors.

This is an incredible gift to the residents of the communities we serve: Greenport, Hudson and Stockport and the surrounding communities. The stunning architecture and design will draw people to the Library. An inviting and comfortable space with a 21st century infrastructure will attract long-term and recent residents, weekenders and tourists alike. The new Library also will contribute to strengthening our communities and expanding economic growth and opportunities for current and future generations.



As a joint project, the Galvan Foundation has committed millions for the renovations of the Armory. The Library is responsible for the furniture, fixtures and equipment to bring the new space to life as a library, which we estimate to be about $1.4 million. To fulfill our mission the Capital Campaign will raise $2 million to go beyond the building to enlarge the collections, hire new staff and build endowment for the future.

Your financial support is needed to make this a reality. Please give generously. Join with us to open the doors to a community institution that will nurture and celebrate the intellectual, social and cultural life and legacy of our diverse community for years to come.


You have a number of choices for how you can donate to the capital campaign. More information is here.


You can also support the campaign by working in little and big ways with the Capital Campaign Committee. Email the committee,