Board of Trustees Annual Meeting

On Wednesday March 9th, the Board of Trustees held its Annual Meeting.

One highlight was the presentation of the “President’s Report for 2010” by Hudson Area Library President Theresa Parsons. The report looked back at the achievements of 2010 and to the future plans and goals for this year. The complete text is continued below.

Library Director Corey Fleming also presented excerpts from the “Annual Report for Public and Association Libraries”.

He noted that during 2010 the library began to offer downloads of electronic books and and audio books for the first time. The number of library sponsored program sessions increased by 14% to 374 compared to 2009. Attendance at these programs grew by 11% to 4,505. The Summer Reading program grew very well to 210 attendees, a 33% increase compared to 2009. The Library continued to host programs for English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) with sessions growing by 13% to 480 compared to 2009 with total attendance grwoing by 4% to 4,472. Internet use at the library’s computers boomed to 11,191, a 33% increase over 2009. Overall visits to the library grew by 7% to 65,324 again compared to 2009. Continue reading

New Art Donation to the Library

Six Artworks Now In The Computer Room

John Davis (John Davis Gallery in Hudson) has donated six artworks to the library. These are now installed in the computer room. Four by local artists are included: Breaking Ground by Linda Cross (Elizaville, NY) and three from Hudson, Dancing Tulips #4 by  Sarah Sterling, South Troy, NY by Paul Hamann, and Red Meets Blue by Christine Heller. The two additional works are Hudson Waterfront by Daisy Craddock (NY, NY) and Untitled by Fran Shalom (Montclair, NJ). The works range from abstract to representational in style and  oil, acrylic, hand painted photograph and paper in materials.

3 new artworks in computer room by Sarah Sterling, Linda Cross & Paul Hamman

l. to r. Dancing Tulips #4 by Sarah Sterling, Breaking Ground by Linda Cross & South Troy, NY by Paul Hamman

Untitled by Fran Shalom

Untitled by Fran Shalom