Remembering South Front Street

From January to March, the History Room is featuring a continuous video exhibit of Hudson from 1939 – 1966 through the home movies of Josepf (Jozef) Cipkowski (1900-1977). Mr. Cipkowski emigrated from Poland, settled in Hudson in 1925, and married Anna Piast of Cross Street. Together they owned and operated Chipp’s Market at 39 South Front Street from 1925-1970. The footage contains an astonishing record of haunting images – familiar and vanished streetscapes – that tell the story of South Front Street.

Jozef’s grandson, Peter Cipkowski, who was a frequent visitor to his grandparents’ exotic world on South Front Street, has digitized this historic footage. Peter has master’s degrees in history and education and is the author of two books published by John Wiley & Sons. Peter is the Hillsdale Town Supervisor and president of the Roeliff Jansen Historical Society.

This viewing is also made possible by the generous donation of iMac computers by Etsy.

Visit The Eleanor Restoration Exhibit at the History Room

An old, black-and-white photo of a sloop on the river. It is manned by seven people.

The Hudson River Historic Boat Restoration & Sailing Society Inc. is restoring this famous boat in Hudson!

The Eleanor is the last remaining “raceabout” sloop, a class of boats designed for speed. The Hudson River Historic Boat Restoration & Sailing Society Inc. are restoring the raceabout at the Hudson Riverfront Industrial Park building, and have made a very informative exhibit in the History Room, located at the back of the library. Learn more about this amazing boat being brought back to the waters in your town!