Corey Fleming Resigns as Library Director

Corey Fleming has announced that he has accepted a position as Regional Manager of the Hartford, CT Library System, a career opportunity he felt he could not let pass.  His last day working at the library will be Friday, August 12th.  We wish him well.

Corey is working with the staff and trustees to ensure as seamless a transition as possible.  A search for a new library director has begun.  In the interim, and until a new director has been hired, we have asked Emily Bennison, Library Assistant, to bridge the gap by assuming extra administrative and management duties.

President of the Board of Trustees, Theresa Parsons said, “These transitions are always difficult. However, we are fortunate to have staff and volunteers with many years of experience and a deep interest in the library.  They’ll keep the library running smoothly and in a professional manner.”


Changes in Staff – Library Manager Rhiannon Leo Departing

Today, Library Director Corey Fleming announced the resignation of Rhiannon Leo, Library Manager, effective December 4, 2010.

Since Rhiannon joined our staff five years ago, she has been an asset to the Hudson Area Library and the communities we serve. Her hard work ethic and continuous diligence in performing her duties complement the library’s mission.

Rhiannon will be moving to the Northeast Millerton Library in Dutchess County and will be that library’s Director.  While we will miss her, we can also be proud and happy for her successful career advancement.

It is with warmest personal regards that we wish Rhiannon Leo success in her future endeavors. We’ll all have ample opportunity before she leaves to wish her well.