Annual Fund

Thanks to the generous support of people like you, there is a lot to love about the Hudson Area Library. Our Library is a vibrant community destination where people come to read, explore, create, connect and thrive.

Your gifts keep the doors open and the stacks full and so much more:

– You’re funding literacy and life skills program for children and adults;
– You’re ensuring a welcoming, safe after school haven for kids and teens;
– You’re giving community members a place to meet, exchange ideas, and learn new skills;
– You’re supporting local history talks, book groups, cultural performances, language classes, movie nights, music in the stacks, digital media programs, and meetings and presentations offered by and in collaboration with dozens of community organizations and agencies.

In other words, you’re opening worlds of opportunity for everyone.

Your donation, regardless of amount, is greatly appreciated. Please be as generous as you can. Your gift will help us fulfill our mission to offer lifelong learning opportunities to everyone in our community. And that’s a gift that’s priceless.

Donate By Credit/Debit Card

Make a donation by credit card online via PayPal.

Donate By Check

Make a donation by check and give it to a library staff person or send it by mail to us at 51 N. 5th ST, Hudson, NY. Make the check out to “Hudson Area Library”.

Be among those who recognize the great value of the Hudson Area Library for this generation and those yet to come. Please give generously.

Thank you. Your support is deeply appreciated.