Donate Your Car, Truck, Motorcycle ….. Airplane to the Library

Clean Up Your Garage or Side Yard and Help the Library

Here is a way you can rid yourself of vehicles that are coming to the end of their useful life (for you) or have already expired and are now clogging up your garage or side yard. The library has teamed up with V-DAC Vehicle Donation to Any Charity to help both of us. You relieve yourself of that car that has been dependable but now needs to be replaced, and you get a tax deduction to boot. V-DAC is used by NPR, Car Talk and many other organizations.

This program is not limited to cars.

According to V-DAC: “We gratefully accept almost all car donations. We also accept most trucks, motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles, trailers and recreational vehicles. Boats and planes may require a call to see if they meet minimum criteria.”

How much of the money generated by the sale of my vehicle goes back to the library?

From the V-DAC website:

“Car Donation Wizard consistently delivers between 75 and 80% of the gross selling price for car donations back to the charity. We take our responsibility to bring the highest return back to the organization very seriously, and we are proud to run the most efficient vehicle donation program in the country. View our car donation tips for more info on how to maximize your charitable contribution.”

OK, How Do I Donate?

Click on the V-DAC logo.
Vehicle Donation

Then, follow the directions and fill in the required information.

Thanks for supporting the library.