More about the Board of Trustees

What does the Board of Trustees do?

The Hudson Area Library Board of Trustees guides the every day workings of the library by:

  • providing oversight of library activities and policies
  • establishing the long range plan of the library
  • working to assure the library meets the needs of the community
  • raising money to support the library – only 45% of the library’s budget comes from tax dollars!
  • auditing library finances to assure that funds are spent appropriately

What is the structure of the Board?

The Hudson Area Library Board of Trustees includes a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, up to 18 Trustees and various committees. The Board structure includes:

  • two three-year terms allowed, followed by one year off before further participation
  • monthly meetings – currently the third Thursday of each month at 6 pm
  • meetings that typically run about 75 minutes
  • rare special meetings
  • committee participation – Executive, Finance, Marketing, Fundraising, Program, History Room, Board Development, and occasional ad hoc committees carry much of the work load of the Board.

How are Trustees selected?

The Board Development Committee establishes a list of talents, skills, and experiences that are needed to give the Board a good balance to meet our goals. An ideal candidate would have:

  • interest in the library by being involved in a committee or as a volunteer
  • fund raising and event management experience
  • connections with potential donors
  • a strong work ethic and time to spend on committee work
  • commitment towards diversity representative of the library’s served communities
  • local ties
  • finance experience and skills

How do I get involved?

We would be thrilled to hear from you! If you’d like to speak to someone about any of the details on this page, you can:

  • contact the Chair of the Board Development Committee at
  • attend a board meeting – contact the Chair of Board Development for a schedule
  • join a board committee – every committee is chaired by a Trustee, otherwise membership is open to anyone


Q: Do I have to live in Hudson or Greenport to be on the Board?

A: No. It is your connection to the library and the community that counts.

Q: Can you provide a more detailed list of the duties and responsibilities of a trustee?

A: Yes, you can download and read the HAL Duties and Responsibilities of Trustees Policy 

Q: How many hours a month does a Trustee devote to committee work?

A: Typically, a Trustee devotes 1 – 2 hours a week. Projects occasionally require more.

Q: Do I need to give a lot of money to the Library to be on the Board?

A: No. We expect Trustees to support the library financially only to the extent they are comfortable with. This is a working board.

Q: What is the timeline for joining the board?

A: Typically, Trustees are elected at the annual meeting in March of each year. However, as required to fulfill board goals, Trustees may be elected at any regular meeting of the board.

Q: Am I committing to more than a year on the Board?

A: Yes. You will be elected to a three year term with an additional three-year term to follow. Most board members serve two three-year terms.